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2 Excellent Open Mics, a Bunch of Crappy Videos

February 12, 2013

I managed to do two of the three open mics I aim for on Monday nights in Paris’s Latin Quarter last night. In fact, I even managed to play at the first, go and play at the second, and then return again to the first to seek out the bonhomie and fun that I sensed there the first time. But for some reason, I also managed to make practically nothing but crappy videos of the performers. There were some good performers, I did my performance mostly up to par, but for some reason I could not much concentrate with my Zoom recorder in my hand, and I ended up doing mostly pretty crappy videos of the excellent performers. I’m going to put up a number of them anyway, since they do not reflect negatively on the performers, but only on me.

Funny enough, probably one of the best videos I did was at the Coolin when I ran off to the toilet and left the Zoom all alone to its own devices on the table, stranded, sitting there ready to be pecked off, stolen, taken away. And it managed to do a very nice video of a woman singing and playing her banjo… and I got out and back to it just in time to grab the camera and turn it off before the next performer.

Anyway, variety is a good thing…. they say….

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