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Scoring Two Times Out of Three at the Paris Places

February 19, 2013

I managed to score at two of the three open mics I went to last night.  No, no, I’m not talking sex.  I mean that I got to play behind the mic at two of the three open mics in the Latin Quarter in Paris. It went like this: Sign up at the Coolin, 11th on the list, go to the Tennessee, take in a few acts and realize I could miss my spot at the Coolin if I stayed to play at the Tennessee; so return to the Coolin, take in some acts and then play my songs; then head off to the Galway and play my songs there.

I have said it before, so I’m becoming repetitive, but what the hell: I am not going to remain loyal to any open mic as long as I can double or triple my fun by attending others at the same time or separately. I do NOT have the same philosophy in sexual matters – and in a way I wonder why not!? But ANYWAY….

I struck it lucky at the Coolin and then again at the Galway also by having Rony Boy accept to accompany me on his Godin guitar as I did my songs, or rather, some covers and my own Borderline. It was back up against the wall stuff, as we played songs we have never played together, including the “Miles From Nowhere” of Cat Stevens that I never thought I could adequately do with another musician since I tend to make a mess of the timing….

There were many other excellent musicians, including the superb singer/piano player at the Tennessee. So all in all it was a complete and indelible score for the whole evening….

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