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Happy Birthday This Blog

March 7, 2013

This is quite banal, and certainly the fact I went nowhere to play music last night but stayed home to continue editing m open mic film, so I have nothing better to say. But I just received a message today from WordPress – where this blog is hosted – saying “Happy Birthday,” because the blog is three years old today. Wow, it feels at once like it just started, and like it has been with me forever. I cannot imagine a greater time to have this birthday celebration than now, as I will head off on Monday for my next around-the-world-musical-adventure. And next week, I will announce the plans on, and for, this blog…. Thanks for all of your support, dear readers, because it is your support that pumps me up and makes me want to post when I might otherwise feel like doing nothin’ … or “goin’ nowhere, goin’ nowhere…” to cite the line from “Mad World…”

PS, it was also kind of nice that this post was the 650th post of the blog, in its three years of existence.

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