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Landing at the One I Like the Most – Ptit Bonheur in Paris

March 27, 2013

I just cannot understand how anyone starting an open mic in Paris can choose Tuesday. There are SOOOOOO many open mics in Paris now on Tuesdays that I always have to think about what I might miss, what I owe friends and acquaintances, etc.

But in the end, I just return to the one where I expect I will feel most comfortable and have the best time socially – although that is never guaranteed anywhere, and you never know what you might miss elsewhere.

So it was that I went to the Ptit Bonheur la Chance again last night, and again had a great time.

In fact, I ended up having such a great time socially that I stayed much later than I wanted to and completely shot to hell my effort to get back on a decent Paris hour after living on the other side of the world for two weeks….

Ah the constraints of a jet set life….

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