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A Real August Night at the Baroc Open Mic in Paris

August 14, 2013

PARIS – I wrote in my previous post about how it did not feel like August in Paris at the Galway on Monday night. I also wrote of the brave, good souls who keep their open mics alive during the vacation month of August. Last night, another such brave establishment was Le Baroc, near the Metro Colonel Fabien, and I went for the first time in a long long time.

Le Baroc is one of the mainstay musical bars of Paris, it always makes an effort to open the stage to pros and amateurs alike, and this mid-month of August it has also made the effort to keep the open mic open and alive. So there were a respectable number of musicians last night, but still, with very few clients in this slightly off-the-beaten-path of tourist Paris, there were few spectators.

Meeting Up With LadiesDi Again

The result was, it really felt like Paris in August. But I was really pleased to have a stage to sing a few songs on, and someone played along on piano. I was also pleased to see my friend the Argentine musician, LadiesDi, again. Since last I saw him in the open mics of Paris he has tramped around the world in various countries, including Japan – where we played in the same venue perhaps a week apart last year, in Osaka – and in Finland and Italy and who knows where all else….

So it was a very worthwhile evening, even if it did still feel like August.

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  1. Mon nom d’artiste est Fwé j’ai interprété ne me quittes pas de Jacques Brel.

    @ bientôt

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