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Breath-holder Blog Post

September 18, 2013

DUBAI – I have sometimes used the newspaper term of “space holder” – which means a weaker story that holds a space on a page before a stronger story is set to arrive – when a day or so has gone by and I have had nothing to post. Today, I am making up terms and calling this short post from Dubai a “breath-holder,” since I have been away from this blog for so long and I hope that some regular readers are missing my posts!!! BUT…

I wanted to explain that this nearly 10-day period is definitely the longest period of time I have ever been absent from posting on the blog, but it is not an indication of the future. It is a result of having a HUGE amount of work to do on my day job after returning from Milan, and then promptly and immediately falling ill with a nasty – if unimportant – cold and losing my singing voice entirely – to say nothing of my energy – and so making me unable to take part in any open mics, and wanting to do little else aside from recuperate.

Oh, of course, I spent time with loved ones, read, listened to music, and finally got back to my morning exercises. And now I sit in the Dubai airport on a 7-hour stopover as I prepare to catch a flight to Singapore and continue the worldwide open mic musical adventure.

So thanks to all my faithful readers for sticking around, and keep up the faith! Hold your breath, and I’ll be back with more news of the open mics and open jams of the world – next stop Singapore….

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