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Battle of the Mics on Monday Night in Paris

January 14, 2014

PARIS – It was quality all around at the open mics in Paris last night in the Latin Quarter, and it was clear that the musician were running from one to the other in order to find the best venue….and realizing there was no best…. At least, that’s the way it felt and looked between the Coolin and the Tennessee Bar, and I did not even make it to the Galway.

The last two or three times that I went to the Tennessee Bar open mic on Monday nights, business was a little slow. I had gone to Coolin and found business either as usual, or bigger than usual, and the quality continuing to climb. So last night, naturally, I decided to go to the Coolin first to sign up for the open mic at around 9:00 PM, and then go off to the Tennessee to put in a set there first, since I was already 12th on the list at the Coolin.

I was taken slightly by surprise to find the Tennessee Bar having returned pretty much to its own affluence of wonderful vibes and great musicians, and a nice sized crowd. I had a beer, listened to the acts, and kept my eye on my iPhone clock…. I kept watching and thinking that I would fail in my bid to play at both places, as the Tennessee had come seriously back to life and it was full of performers.

By the time my slot was announced, it was 10:43 and there were two or three others to go up before I would. I had situated my slot at the Coolin for around 11:00 PM. So I had to desist, pack up and leave a great open mic at the Tennessee Bar. I would never sign my name up to an open mic and disappear permanently without telling the MC, and I did not want to be late.

So I returned to the Coolin and there, what did I see? A vast number of the performers who had played early at the Tennessee were now there at the Coolin and about to play, or had already played! I also knew there was another at the Tennessee who would soon arrive for his slot at the Coolin…!

Both open mics last night were well attended and attended by cool musicians, and both had nice crowds. What might be happening at the Galway open mic not far from those two, I have no idea. But I suspect there may have been some who did all three….

In any case, I was glad to see the open mics in the Latin Quarter had all come seriously back to life!!!

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