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Week 2 at the Blues Bar Open Mic in Paris

January 17, 2014

Le Blues Bar open mic

Le Blues Bar open mic

PARIS – I had so much fun at the first ever open mic at the Blues Bar in Paris last week, that I had to return again last night to see how it would all develop – and to have more fun.

Both objectives were achieved, as I ended up having fun again, and seeing where it was going. There were a few changes, like a vast improvement in the sound system from the point of view of both musician and spectator – although it was already pretty good for the spectator last week. And the lights in the music room at the back of the bar were lowered so it was warmer, as well, and occasionally the musician would be beautifully lit up under the spotlight.

It was also cool in that there were different musicians there this week, including one who had come all the way from Virginia, and who is now living in Paris, but who made it fee like we were all back in the U.S. for the duration of her country songs….

In any case, this is a place to keep an eye on. I managed to play four songs to start with and then another two at the end. The only ones that got caught on film were my two worst of the night, so I’m putting only one of those up on the blog. And waiting to do better next week at Le Blues Bar…and hoping for even more musicians still….

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