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Rockin’ at the Baroc all Over Again

January 29, 2014

PARIS – Arriving at the Baroc last night for the open mic, I thought it was dead. I’ve written several times on this open mic, and in the past, I said you never know what you’ll find. Knowing THAT, I stayed and just pretended the place was full. Good thing I did. It may have been half empty when I arrived, but suddenly the place filled up, and it was another great and fun open mic at a mainstay music joint in Paris.

The Baroc has so firmly established itself as an open mic over I don’t know how many years – I’ve been going for just over five years – that there are always musicians and spectators will show up. And it usually ends up breaking out into a warm and fun jam session at the end….

I was particularly pleased to play my song “Memories,” which I have not done for a while, with a harmonica player and a lead guitar player, and Réjean on the drum thingy to accompany me.

In any case, Le Baroc is anything but Baroque…go there!

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