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Major Updates to the thumbnail-guide-to-PARIS-open-mics-jam-sessions-and-other-live-music

May 4, 2014

Paris Skyline

Paris Skyline

PARIS – It was the list that started all of my lists of open mics around the world, and started in Paris four years ago. It has grown to a huge popularity, and led to my more than 20 other such guides of open mics and jam sessions around the world. Today I finally got around to updating my Thumbnail Guide to Paris Open Mics, Jam Sessions and other Live Music, since making sure the list is up-to-date is the key to these things, and the biggest pain in the butt! But that pain is always washed away when I get emails, meet people and hear from other sources of the utility of the list. Then the pain turns to a great feeling of usefulness and purpose!

A word about the updates: The Tireuse open mic has been taken off the list, as it has finally really ended – it used to be called the Ptit Bonheur la Chance – as has the Anthracite jam, which I can find no evidence still exists. I have, on the other hand, added several new open mics and jams: The blues jam at the Angora, and open mics at the Café Oz Blanche, at the Blues Bar and the cabaret open mic of the Soirée Buzz. And there is, happily, another old open mic returning after a brief disappearance: That of the Lizard Lounge, the first Sunday of the month. I have also begun to add a new feature, which I’ve been incorporating in my worldwide open mic guide lists elsewhere, which is to put links from the guide entry to a sample story that I have written about my own experience at the open mic in the past. (How many other city or country guides to open mics can boast doing that nice little multimedia trick??!!!???)

Just to remind open mic people around the world, and readers of this blog, I am also this year updating all of my other open mic guides around the world as I do my sixth musical adventure around the world. So keep posted for the updates, each time I visit a new country this year – more than 20 of those….

In the meantime, here, again, is the updated Thumbnail Guide to Paris Open Mics, Jam Sessions and other Live Music.

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