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Song of My Youth, and Video in Personal Photos: Not Much in the Mood

September 9, 2014

PARIS – After my sessions at the Melodium Studios this year in full-band mode, I wanted to record just me with my voice and guitar for a really simple acoustic song. I decided to record a song that I wrote when I was around 16 years old. It never actually got a title, but I’ve just decided to give it the logical one of: “Not Much in the Mood.” In this recording that I did in the living room with me playing guitar on three tracks and singing, it’s about as simple as it gets from a recording point of view.

I decided also that since this was a song from the past – which I do occasionally still sing in open mics – that I would not do a huge production dramatic video of the kind I’ve been doing, but to just illustrate it with some photos of the two music-performing periods of my life: When I was a teenager (and early 20s) and then photos from the recent period of my open mic adventures in the last five years. Nothing showy or complicated. Just two periods of my life and the song that has crossed them both:

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