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An Underground Night at the Escargot Underground

March 6, 2015

escargot touristic centerPARIS – I just love the Russian feel to the Escargot Underground open mic that takes place in Paris on Thursday evenings in the basement of a Russian travel agency called the Escargot Touristic Center. But even more than the Russian feel – with some Russian musicians and Russian organizer – is the feeling of a real, true, bona fide “underground” kind of open mic.

There were fewer people last night than the last time I was there a few weeks ago, but the atmosphere was just as good, and in fact, the place is so small that you don’t really necessarily want THAT many people.

What makes it “underground”? The music, the kind of musicians, the open hearted, open-armed greeting of all musicians and all styles, and the cave underground room where it takes place. But just mostly the attitude that anything goes, that there are no real judgments at all of a musician good or bad, and that everyone is, in fact, welcome.

I’ll let the video’s do the talking for last night’s show. One of my favorites was the Russian band, which sounded a lot like some of the Russian pop music I heard while I was in Sochi in the fall….


  1. Hi, Brad

    I have enjoyed your Blogs very much for some time now. I am thinking of coming to Paris in June for a week or two. I am an older gal. I play guitar and sing a mix of folk, jazz and blues tunes. What open mics or jams would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Barb Smith

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    • Hi Barb, thanks very much for this. I love hearing from people, hearing the blog is reaching people! The best way for you to find the right open mic is the list I created to cover open mics in Paris; it has little capsule descriptions of what the vibe is like, and the form of the open mic, etc. It’s called the Thumbnail Guide to Paris Open Mics, Jam sessions, etc. At this link:

      At one point I had so many people I would see at open mics coming to Paris and wondering where other open mics were, that I would send them lists of those I knew… then I decided to put the list up on the blog! It has been the most successful page of the blog, and led me to creating other such lists for the cities I visit. Anyway, maybe see you in June! Good luck.

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