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Escargot Movement to Fast Lane Feel at the Overground Underground

May 30, 2015

PARIS – It was only my second time at the new Escargot Underground, which now takes place “overground,” in its new venue above a restaurant in Paris. The first time I went, a month or so ago, to the first evening at the new locale, I was worried that the complete change in feel of the venue might affect the success of what became one of the coolest open mics in the city. But by the end of the night my faith was restored… or still on hold?

It started pretty slowly at the Escargot on Thursday, but then as the evening moved on, it became more and more a feeling of a great open mic, with cool music – topped off by the Russian guys who run the place, Igor and his band – along even with the fun of having the evening become part of a 20-minute radio documentary being made by an audiovisual school in Paris.

That is a documentary about open mics, but focusing on Trélys Dupré, the wandering Canadian singer and ukulele player, who now holds her own open mic at the Oasis 244. I got to be interviewed for this too, and that was fun – since I’d had enough to drink….

Among the interesting performers, also, was a doctor from Northern Ireland, who lives in Northern England, and also the crazy ukulele player who specializes in heavy metal on his uke….

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