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Another Great Night at the Noctambules on the Place Pigalle in Paris

June 29, 2015



PARIS – I must still be recovering from Friday night’s open mic at the Noctambules on the Place Pigalle. It started off a little slowly, but then picked up speed and tempo every hour that the night advanced. The end result? Another great night at Raphaëlle’s open mic on the Place Pigalle.

There were some new musicians, some old musicians and some young musicians. The weather was obliging as well, and as long as the rain holds out, the Noctambules is at its best, as you get to sing and play with a view out on the Place Pigalle as the passersby pass by.

Oh, there was some weird moment of some guy in a panic running into the bar with the cops on his tail, but the owner/manager took care of that in a jiffy.

Raphaëlle’s open mic has been a success for four successive evenings now, and counting. I have not been able to be present at them all, but I’m hoping it continues on the same trajectory at least until the next time I get to go.

The big test will be the summer months: While so many of the so-called open mics of Paris close down for the summer, this one intends to stay open – in the true trooper spirit. So maybe it will rise to yet another level.

For the moment, I enjoyed playing two or three times, Raphaëlle played, a Leandro from Brazil was a feature attraction, along with Stephen Saxo, Trélys, Arnaud, and several others, including one of the surprising high moments of the night: Corinne singing Amy….

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