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First Day in Austin, No Open Mic, and WordPress Ate my Words

October 22, 2015

Firehouse, Austin

Firehouse, Austin

AUSTIN, Texas – Help! Give me a better interface than WordPress to write my blog items. My luck today in writing a thousand word post about my adventures in Austin, Texas last night seeking out an open mic – and failing – were rewarded in exactly the same manner as last night’s search: No sooner did I finish writing the rant of a post than I went to put up this photo and the whole post got wiped out. WordPress usually saves such work automatically and you can recuperate your lost post – or most of it. But not this time. A thousand word adventure lost, and I don’t have the time to write it all again…. Suffice it to say that I visited three venues in Austin last night that all had open mics advertised, and none of them were doing the open mic…. The Firehouse open mic no longer exists – since about a month – and the one at the Rattle Inn happens on Thursdays (but not tonight), while the Maggie Mae has a blues jam on Mondays, not a classic open mic on Thursdays. Anyway, that’s the boring finality of this post. I hate WordPress when it eats my words.


  1. Come to the SF Bay Area, where you’ll find jams almost every night of the week … I host every 3rd Thursday… I’ll make sure you get to play! Best, md

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