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Creation of my 25th Thumbnail Open Mic Guide: Madrid

June 18, 2016



I have just created my 25th open mic city guide, The Thumbnail Guide to Madrid Open Mics, Jam Sessions and other Live Music. I have only managed to list two open mics on this guide, as I have only so far attended two in the city. But I hope to update as I go along, and you have to start somewhere!

And when you are passing through a city and need to find a place to play in an open mic, you don’t care how many listings there are, as long as you find a place the night you happen to be there, right? So here is my 25th city thumbnail open mic guide (Madrid), representing most – but not all – of the cities around the world where I have played in open mics and decided to share my findings. (Let’s see, I’ve also played in Nairobi – years ago – New York, Toronto, Ottawa and London, and maybe some others – without making guides for those cities. Maybe I should!)

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