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More Paradise at the Paradis Jam in Paris

September 26, 2016

Le Paradis

Le Paradis

PARIS – After a long summer break – I HATE THOSE THINGS – the open mic and jam session of the Paradis bar in Paris has started again. I attended on Saturday night, and I can say that this place just cannot put a foot wrong. This time, they changed the location of the “stage” area by putting it in front of the door. In the past, they’ve had it at the opposite end of the main room, and before the past, they had it in the middle of the room. It makes no difference: Once this open mic and jam gets going, it really gets going.

Located just a few steps away from the Barbès metro in one of Paris’s seediest areas, the ambience at this bar could not be better for an open mic. There are always good musicians, there is a manager and owner who loves to have the jam, and there are organizers who never let go.
Cool bit o Brice at Jam at Paradis

And the thing can go on so long that it can tire even me out, and I can arrive later, and still get to play. I really like this place. You don’t have the classic stage where you stand in front of the audience, but one of the things that makes this Paradis bar open mic and jam special is that you are in amongst the audience. Standing on the floor, playing the guitar or bass, or drums, or sax, or whatever you like, and you are not “confined” to a music area. Music is everywhere.
first at jam at Paradis

And then you can go outside and chat on the sidewalk out front.
fourth at jam at paradis

Or go in the back room and sit at a table and chat there. But mostly you’ll want to stand inside and listen to the music or take part. Everything from solo stuff to jamming with a bunch of like minded musicians.
funky rap type thing at jam at paradis

And the beer price is good too!!! Designed for poor musicians.
Nice intro we all know at jam at paradis

nother cool bit o brice guitar

Second at jam at Paradis
Third at jam at paradis

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