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Sunday Night at Le Klein Open Mic in Paris – Another Alternative….

July 3, 2017

Le Klein open mic

Le Klein open mic

PARIS – For some reason, Sunday nights in Paris have never been the best night for finding open mics. They come and go quite a bit – except for the dreaded Pop ‘In – but I kept hearing about an open mic I expected would disappear with all the others…and so far it has not. And judging by my first experience at Le Klein, in the Marais, this looks like it is now a mainstay on the Paris open mic scene. I hope so, in any case….

I found at the Le Klein open mic, a very cool, long, narrow, barroom full of musicians and spectators, regulars and people coming just for the music, or just to play, and I found a wonderful set up, with the “stage” area in front of the front window and door. I found a kind, open and ready-to-please MC.
first at Le Klein open mic

And like the MC, Riyad Sanford, whom I know from his frequent participation in Brislee’s open mic in Pigalle on Tuesday nights, I also found many familiar faces and sounds. Many of the musicians from the old Coolin open mic seem to be participating here regularly – or that’s the feeling I got.
second at le klein

In any case, it was a party, festival atmosphere that I found, and I was practically happier to listen than to play.
third at le klein

It was quite cool to hear a Jake Bugg song performed by one person, a song I had never heard performed anywhere else except by Jake Bugg himself on a Tiny Desk Concert video….
fourth at le klein

Anyway, I’ll soon be adding this one to my Thumbnail Guide to Paris open mics, and I’ll definitely be returning to Le Klein.

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