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Historical Excerpts from the Paris Scenes of the Open Mic Film: Out of a Jam

March 15, 2023

open mic and film poster

open mic and film poster

PARIS – It was 2011, and all through Paris, bands and musicians were playing at one open mic or another, honing their craft and crafting their hone. (A hone is a whetstone – very necessary to musicians playing late at night.) And I was filming it here in Paris and throughout the year all over the world. The open mic film series is now completed, is called “Out of a Jam,” and it is 21 episodes long, and more than 7 hours in length. Here I am presenting for the first time on the blog, the short video of excerpts that I made of some of the Paris moments. This is to give an idea to my readers who can be in Paris on 24 March 2023 (Friday in a week) what they will see during the big, giant, bursting at the seams open mic at TAC Teatro. Come to play, come to see the film! Come to have a drink and have fun!

The video of Paris moments from “Out of a Jam,” the open mic series.

Here is the Facebook open mic night event page where you can find all the information and click “going”!:


  1. Hi Brad. My name is Barbara Smith. I’m working with Claudia Hommel and a new French Cabaret Association to produce a Cabaret Festival in Paris starting on August 31st. I would love to talk with you about introducing you to our French cohorts. Prior to the festival we will have some vocal workshops and open mics. See the web site below. I’d love to meet with you on Zoom.

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