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Singing on the Montreal Metro

June 12, 2011

Last night I could not find a place to play in Montreal, since Saturday night no bars really need open mics. But in any case, I had an invitation to join a Canadian F1 fan I met at the Turkish Grand Prix two years ago. He is from Quebec, in fact, and I had met him in Istanbul on the shuttle bus between the circuit and the city.

I did not know at the time he was in the Canadian military and on a mission in Afghanistan. So last night he invited me out with a bunch of his buddies and fellow soldiers who did time in Afghanistan with him. We ate in a Japanese restaurant slightly outside the center of town on the metro. It was a great meal, and the area, at the Cadillac metro stop, was one where I would never have ended up otherwise.

I took my guitar with me as I always do, just in case. So on the way back into town I pulled it out on the Metro and sang three songs: Crazy Love, What’s Up and Mad World. And all the guys sang along and we received a lot of looks from the fellow Metro passengers.

It was a high moment, and culminated in a visit to a nightclub at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Montreal. Very, very cool! No videos, though.

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