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Esperada and a Rap at the Galway

January 11, 2011

I did my usual trip to the Tennessee Bar and the Galway Pub for the double header of open mics. Not wanting to weigh down the blog with repeated reports of those same two places, I just want to point out the high points.

At the Galway there was an interesting British duo on a visit to France. Both musicians played guitar pretty well and had nice singing voices. That’s pretty rare in young groups starting out these days, in my experience. So I’m putting up a video of them and it’s also worth checking out this band, Esperada, on their myspace. There is something a little Simon & Garfunkel about them.

An interesting moment came at the end of the Galway evening as well when another young performer, I think from the United States, played recorded music and rapped to it. That got the whole place to perk up its ears, and for last night at the Galway that is really saying something, as it was a biggg night for talkers…. But by the time this guy got to his third rap the novelty value had worn off, and the talkers were back in full rap themselves.

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