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Single Paragraph Post: I Return to Paris, Zoom Returns to Life

March 29, 2011

Not much to report on after a 26-hour trip back from Melbourne to Paris. The only musical story was the watching of the film Burlesque, and the fact that I had to stow my guitar in the luggage compartment, rather than carry it onboard. This was Singapore Airlines. But the flight did seem to have a fine effect on my Zoom Q3HD that I mentioned had fallen in the toilet last Thursday and died: Upon my return home today, the Zoom came back to life!!!! After four days of repeated efforts to turn it on, it finally worked. It seems it was just protesting against that bad treatment. Now, of course, this means I have two Zoom Q3HDs!! But that will be perfect for taking two different angles at the same time and editing them together. Oh, Sunday there was a little musical story as I saw Motorhead sitting in the paddock of the Australian Grand Prix. End of story….

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