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Plan B for Music Playing at the Plan B Bar in MelBourne

March 21, 2016

Plan B

Plan B

MELBOURNE – Last night was my last night in Melbourne and I’m sitting in the lounge at the airport ready to fly back to Paris in a very short while – for a very long trip – and I just wanted to note that my last night in Melbourne, bizarrely, was one of my best. Why bizarrely? Well, it had to do with what turned into a Plan B for music at the Plan B bar, after I found the open mic no longer existed.

I had chosen to go to the open mic of the Plan B bar, which I had found in a list of open mics in Melbourne, because it was within about 7 minutes walking distance of my hotel. But when I got there, I found the place pretty quiet, and I was told the open mic no longer existed, and had ceased about six weeks ago.

So I asked where I could find a restaurant in the area, and was directed to a Greek souvlaki place up the Bridge Rd. There was wine there, so between the lamb and the chips and the wine, I was fine. I then decided to go back to the Plan B to have a glass of cognac to finish off the night and digest the souvlaki.

When I got back to the Plan B and found that it is actually owned by a fellow Canadian, who has been in Melbourne for many years, I suddenly decided that since the place was fairly empty and it had a very, very comfortable back room with couches, brick walls and a fireplace, well, I asked if I could take out my guitar and just play quietly for myself. The man agreed.

I went into the back room – which was empty of clients – and I played my guitar and sang quietly, and drank my brandy – some kind of Australian brandy – and quite basically and simply found my personal batteries recharging with well needed energy. I sang a few songs, fingerpicked and pick-picked, and then after I finished the brandy, I packed up the guitar and returned to my hotel. I had just had one of the nicest moments alone that I spent in Melbourne. (Which excludes entirely the incredibly fabulous moments I had had with friends in the previous days!)

All in all, I realized it could only be called a Plan B for music at the Plan B bar….

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