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Space-holder Post

October 19, 2011

In newspaper journalism, they talk of a space-holder article, which is an article put in a spot on the page that will be taken up by a “more important” article in a later edition. They don’t want to lose the spot, change the shape of the page, and they lay out the page and put a space-holding article in the spot. That, I have decided is what THIS post is. I have gone through a night at a great open mic, jam session in Seoul, an amazing trip back on two flights with an interesting person sitting in the seat beside me, and a return to Paris where I have done a bit of work, washing, organization, and then went out to play a bunch of cool guitars at a shop in Pigalle after taking my Seagull in for reparations. The result is, with my desire to run out now for an open mic, NO TIME to update the blog with the videos and stories I have to show and tell. So I excuse myself, and decide to put up this mess of an explanation and call it a space-holder! Back tomorrow with the cool stuff….

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