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Coming Full-Circle at Windows Scoreboard, Shanghai

April 16, 2013

The first ever open mic that I did after my decades-long break from performing was in Shanghai in a bar called the Blues Room, in October 2008 after the Chinese Grand Prix. There was only one other musician at the open mic, and that was John. Last night, four and a half years later, after I found that the original open mic I intended to go to was running a band instead, I found there was another open mic, at a place called Windows Scoreboard. When I walked in, I found only one other musician present – and playing – and that was John.

It ended up being quite a fun night with lots of people coming to this massive bar to play pool, ping pong and to watch the television and listen to the music. As it turned out, this would not be a massive night for other musicians, and I ended up doing three sets and playing for perhaps an hour and a half in total. As did John.

He told me a lot of his regular musicians had the flu, and I believe it – he was suffering too!

In any case, I had a great time and highly recommend this bar and open mic, which I have now added to my list of open mics in Shanghai.

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