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Zara, Ollie and Texas in Paris at the Highlander

December 2, 2010

It was Wednesday, so it was the Highlander. I had been intending to sign up early at the Highlander, and then run over to the Tennessee to see Rafa and his band, with Les DeShane on lead. But in the end, I immediately signed up for the Highlander and met a newcomer, Zara Sophia, from England, so I just had to sit and talk and learn about her, as I had a feeling that she might have some talent.

How can one have that feeling? No idea. But I did, in fact, enjoy immensely what Zara did, so give it a listen and see if you agree – in the video below.

It was a great night with Ollie Fury doing a great song of his, with wonderful fingerpicking, and his rich voice. And one of the best moments of the whole night, unfortunately for the audience, ended up being last: Texas in Paris. Baptiste of Texas in Paris is the guy who hosted the Thanksgiving evening of music at the Disquaires last week, and he decided to come around and sing three of his songs. Fabulous. If only he had not been scheduled last, or if only the crowd had stuck around for his original sound….

I played three songs, and weirdly, oddly, bizarrely, found myself destroying my song “Since You Left Me,” by placing words in the wrong place, changing words and going mad with the realization – and trying to hold the whole thing together anyway as if it was all being done the way it is supposed to be. What fun!

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