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Malaysia Roundup

April 4, 2010

The last two nights in Kuala Lumpur were spent tramping the streets with my guitar on my back searching in vain for another place to play.  The city has a vibrant night life, lots of bars, restaurants with music and clubs.  All in a rickety sort of half-desolate, broken and tilted sidewalk kind of world with cars and motorcycles spinning through red lights.  But the venues are all booked up with professional musicians.

So it was that I am very pleased to have found the Malayas Bisrtro for the first night.  It shows that you cannot let your arms down and say, “oh, I’ll find something tomorrow….”

So finally, all I got out of the music trip was a final morning of singing in my hotel room in front of the twin Petronas towers.  I did Al Stewart’s 1970s hit, “Year of the Cat,” about a guy having a fling with a woman while on a bus trip to some foreign country.  It felt fitting – minus the fling.

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