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Brad, Hervé, Virgile, Félix and Laurent in the Ephemere Recordings

July 21, 2010

I mentioned last week that I recorded four of my songs live in the studio at the Point Ephemere last week with a couple of guitarists, a drummer, a bass player and me singing and playing my guitar. Here are the recordings. Remember, these are live: We are playing all together in the studio as if we are on a stage in front of you. First time I’ve done this. I hope you like it. I am happy with the experience, and what I found that was fabulous was the way the songs transformed from my living room experience of sitting in the corner playing by myself – same in an open mic alone – to this collaboration that changes the songs and helps them grow.

I have decided to put them up here in the order we recorded them. On drums was Hervé, on bass Virgile, me on vocals and guitar. For the first two songs Félix played lead guitar. For the second two songs, Laurent played lead guitar. If you get bored with one, go on to the other. Oh, oh, oh – let me not forget the beautiful touch of harmony by Virgile on “Since You Left Me.”

But taste them all, if you get a chance, because they are all quite different…:

Lighter, shrimpy, easy to download but less good quality file versions:


Except Her Heart

Let Me Know

Since You Left Me

Big, fat, heavy, high bandwidth better quality file versions:


Except Her Heart

Let Me Know

Since You Left Me


  1. First impression from the hifi version of “Memories”: Good, Brad! Your voice shows much more emotion than I remember from the earlier versions you sent me — fuller and with vibrato. The musicians came through very well and it sounded professional.

    It’s 12:24 am now, so I’ll have to leave downloading and listening to the rest for tomorrow

  2. These sound great, Brad!

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  10. nice blog. Highly recommended.

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