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July 21, 2010

As I prepare to run off to the studio to pick up the tracks of the recordings I did at the studio last week – which I will post – I decided that it was finally time to put up a little excerpt from the non-fiction book I am working on, which is about my musical travels around the world. The book is tentatively titled: OPEN MIC : A MUSICAL JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD. I have been working on it since the end of 2008, in fact, and am now in the process of cutting and tidying it up before I begin sending it out to agents and/or publishers. I have decided to post the preface of the book.

This is partly inspired by the fact that I have had this “book excerpts” thing on this site for several months and I have never put anything up there!!! So please go to book excerpts and have a read of the preface to OPEN MIC : A MUSICAL JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD, and let me know if it looks interesting.

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