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Last of a dead month in August in Paris with Danger at the highlander

August 25, 2010

Just a quick item before I travel on to explore musical Liege over the weekend as I attend the Belgian Grand Prix for my IHT and NYT coverage. I just wanted to wrap up the Paris August blues with a note about last Monday when I went back to the Tennessee Bar and The Galway, the fabulous venues that dared stay open all month.

I made a fool of myself at the Tennessee by singing my new song that was not yet finished and which I had not memorized – so read from a piece of paper that fell from my knee just before the bridge. But then went on to the Galway and sang four songs in what felt like an inspired manner, and that was confirmed by friendly comments afterwards. One of those comments came from Stephen “Danger” Prescott, formerly of the Salvation Army punk band, and now the MC of the Galway. This is the same Stephen “Danger” Prescott” that I mentioned who had turned up at the Highlander the previous week or so before in order to perform just like any member of the public, which I found extraordinary for this Australian from Melbourne who has lived in Paris for the last three or more years, playing every week at the Galway as the MC. But there was something very different about his act at the Highlander, and I was greatly amused at how he told me from behind the mic NOT to use the video, given his state of…. well, you’ll see. He gave me permission on Monday, noting that it was all in good fun and not a typical night for him. And it really wasn’t his fault, either, as a client bought him that huge jug of beer…..

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