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Oh Dear, Liege Closed Down Too….

August 27, 2010

I’ve been complaining throughout the month of August about how Paris closes down for the summer and there were very few musical open mic or jam session opportunities as a result. Guess what? Last night in Liege, Belgium, where I am staying during my visit to the Belgian Grand Prix, I discovered that two of the places I could have played at do not run their musical jams during August. They start again next week in one of the places, and the week after that in the other.

Those places are the musical bar called Bouldou, where I played last year in a fabulous jam – the race was a week later last year, I think – and a bar called Take Off. So much for swinging Liege!!! Well, on the other hand, seeing my disappointment at missing an opportunity to jam, the guys at Take Off offered me a free beer in consolation. I will now check out another place I played last year, but I fear I may find the same result….

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