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Ullmann’s Christmas Kararocké at the Bus Palladium

December 24, 2011

It was another vintage Kararocké at the Bus Palladium on Thursday night as Nicolas Ullmann and his band of mad rockers put on a special show to end the year with presents galore and a very, very open stage favoring people who had never sung at the live karaoke before. I personally was still a little shell-shocked from my previous night at the Cavern, so I was happy to watch and film and not even put in my bid to make an appearance on stage. But it was very entertaining to live it like that, and as usual the evening had surprises, including a star – Adanowsky, the actor and musician, who did a couple of duets with Crazy Horse girls, including Zula, who is apparently the dancer (and singer) who has had the longest run of years at the Crazy Horse….

So there was a little bit of everything, and this time everyone who performed received a present and there was a draw as well – including one woman with size 39 shoes winning some nice size 39 running shoes…

If this all sounds a little paltry and sort of not very hip as a critique of one of my favorite monthly open music nights in Paris, that is probably because it is the night before Christmas for me too, and I have yet to wrap a load of presents, and take care of various other Christmas and personal matters – like going for a spin on the unicycle – and so I am just winding up about three days worth of Christmas preparations by this very quick look at the Bus Palladium kararocké, which now prefer to leave to the videos to give the true idea of what it was all about….

Oh, check out the young rocker guy dressed in silver – not sure about his voice, but he sure had the attitude… and boy did he ever remind me of Nazi Dog in the Viletones from the concert I saw of them in 1977!!! (Minus the razor blades, and when this one gave a beer bottle to someone in the audience it was gently and with a thank you gesture, rather than breaking it and throwing the pieces at the audience and then cutting himself up – how times have changed….)


  1. Do you know the name of the man singing “walk this way” or the name of his band?

    • Sorry, I do not know the name of the guy, and as far as I know, he was just a guy from the public as part of the Kararocké. The band, on the other hand, was the band of the Kararocké. It is the regular band, and one of the lead guitar players is actually someone I play with myself. I could ask the man who runs the show if he knows who that singer was, though. And I could give you more information on the band, too. What is it you’re interested in? 🙂 In any case, thanks for the interest!

  2. Thanks,I was just trying to find out who is the boy.
    I’ve really enjoy when he singin’.

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