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Brad’s Rejected Stories

December 26, 2011

I have decided to create a new section on this blog, one for an archive of my rejected stories. That may sound like a really weird idea, and not the sort of thing one should really show off. But in the end, I feel able to do this because I don’t feel insecure about my writing, yet I also feel as if a lot of the suffering I had to go through with rejections was pointless! Of course, in many cases I may not have tried hard enough to sell a story – ie, I had to submit my biggest break-through article to at least 11 publications before it got accepted over the transome as the front page essay on the Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review in 1991!

I am also doing this in order to use the rejection stories area to fill up the blog with a nice little juvenalia archive, and also because I feel in most of the cases the stories will have some kind of cool historical value to read – like take today’s story, for instance, which is a review that I wrote of Paul McCartney’s show at the Bercy Stadium in 1989 and which was part of his world tour. It was pretty historic as a world tour, and when we look back now at a time when this concert was further away than the actual Beatles breakup and he is STILL performing!! Very cool.

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