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Old Time Stuff at the Galway

December 27, 2011

One of the things I like about Stephen Danger Prescott’s MCing at the Galway Pub open mic in Paris is that this young punk not only sings down and dirty dark punky mean songs with a deadly look in his eye, but he also does some classic Celtic trad songs. And he does them with real belief, not just a show for the Irish pub atmosphere. Last night, for instance, he did “The Wild Rover,” a classic. Of course, even the punky Pogues did that one, so I suppose there is a link between the down and dirty punk and the classic Irish thing….

Unfortunately, for the second week in a row I walked out of my home with my guitar, but without my Zoom Q3 HD recording device. So all I had to capture the video was the iPhone 4, and it may do a decent image, but the sound does not compare to the Zoom. So I have only a small amount to show of that song mentioned above. There were other acts, and I played around six or seven songs, but all I managed to get down was the “Wild Rover”…. Oh, yes, I must add, it is important to get to the Galway as often as possible in the coming weeks, as I heard a rumor that Stephen will be leaving the country to live elsewhere very soon….

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