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Already a New Vibe at Coolin…

February 28, 2012

Coolin pub’s Monday night open mic is the latest in Paris, and I have been singing its praises and going generally wild over it now for a few weeks. Who would have thought that it would come up with a different kind of vibe and night last night at only such a young age of barely two months?

Actually, it really had more to do with the Coolin staff and MC and performers all adapting to a change that was thrust upon them, than anything else. That change was that the pub was just bursting at the seams with university students celebrating their winter break. That meant a completely different atmosphere, a mountain of voices talking during the performances, but also a lot of people to draw on for the crowd pleasing songs….

It also meant one or two people who took to the mic without having known in advance there was an open mic. That was the case with a guy who joined Henry, the MC, on the Oasis song. They got everyone involved!

The jam afterwards was fun too, and I even got videoed with my own camera doing a Dylan number with Henry…oh, and there was even one point where there were two or three jams happening in different parts of the pub at the same time….

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