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A “Pop In” Feel to the Ptit Bonheur

February 29, 2012

It was very strange last night at the Ptit Bonheur la Chance open mic as Yaco took a night off MCing the show and he was replaced by a familiar voice and style, in the form of Kim Giani, who is one of the presenters of the Pop In open mic. It was really in many ways like taking part in the open mic at the Pop In … which I have not done in a year and a half, after having an unfortunate encounter with a strange Pop In barman with the even stranger name of “Ta Geuele.”

Actually, I think the barman was even one of the owners. Anyway, that is past history. But it was great to have Kim doing the show last night and to have that nostalgic evening, as the Pop In had always been one of my favorite open mics. And last night, it was a great Ptit Bonheur open mic, which, in fact, it seems to be no matter who MCs it.

This time there were not only some new and rare performers – such as the Romanian music band and Baptiste W Hamon – but also the return of some old favorites, like Victoire – whose act I missed as I was coming down with a beer upstairs after doing a fairly poor singing slot of my own trying to sing a song I finished writing only on Sunday….

The evening wound down with a jam on the ground floor, and that was a classic cru, as the French would say of a good wine…. even if the only video I did was of a famous Beatles song where we all had a bit of a problem making it hang together….

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