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Coolin’ Off, so Cooling Off at the Tennessee and Galway

June 19, 2012

The Coolin’ bar’s open mic decided to take a break last night since there was some big soccer match on its TV screens in the first part of the evening. That meant I returned to the Tennessee and the Galway for the first time in a while, and I had a real cool time – especially thanks to friend Rony Boy who asked if he could play lead along with me during my sets.

It was so cool, and while I had begun the evening a little tired and in low gear, everything served to show me once again that live does not repeat itself at the open mics. Rony Boy played along with me at both venues, and we had a lot of fun doing my favorite covers – Mad World, What’s Up, Crazy Love, Wicked Game and I Won’t Back Down. Rony Boy then played his sets right after mine in both places, and he sounded amazing with his Larrivée guitar. I especially loved his Daniel Lanois cover, which I have praised him for in the past.

There were also lots of other interesting acts, and an invitation to me from “All the Roads,” the host of the Galway open mic, to host the open mic on July 2, which I accepted with pleasure. All that because there was no Coolin’!!! So, like, hey, you lose a lover, maybe there’s another in store somewhere…. 🙂

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