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Back to the Baroc – of Duos, Trios and Ménages à Trois

June 20, 2012

Unsure exactly where I wanted to play last night, I ended up returning to the Baroc after several weeks absence from that interesting open mic on the other side of town. It is located near the home of a friend, and she wanted to meet up so I chose the Baroc over the Ptit Bonheur la Chance. I am glad I did.

I had left the Baroc at the previous open mic feeling pretty down about the audience reception, but last night things returned pretty much to normal, I had a good time, decided in addition to playing the potential crowd pleasing singalong song of “What’s Up!” that I would try the Irish song I had success with at the Swan Bar on Saturday: “Only Our Rivers Run Free.”

I’m not sure that the song went over as well in these circumstances, but the duet I did with my friend seemed to go over best – that was “Wicked Game.”

There were some new faces – to me – at the open mic, and some of the old themes as well – lots of reggaeish, African sounds good for jamming, in which other musicians off-stage do indeed join into for a jam…. So all and all, no regrets – and a lot less to write about since I was involved more with the friend than with the music!

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