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Obituary for the Baroc: End of Paris’s Most Quirky Open Mic

October 31, 2015

Le Baroc open mic

Le Baroc open mic

And speaking of Paris open mics – i.e., yesterday’s guest post – the news for next week is depressing: One of the mainstay open mics in Paris, and certainly the most quirky open mic in Paris – and I love quirky – will cease to exist as of this coming Tuesday. The Baroc bar’s open mic, which I have written about extensively, and which I first attended in December 2008, on my return after decades to playing in open mics, will put on its final open mic on Tuesday, because the Baroc bar is closing down. I will not say anything else, but rather, post this compilation video that I made for the open mic in July, not having any idea at the time that it would cease to exist within a few months. So here is its epitaph – or should I call it its “obituary” (well, it’s not dead until Tuesday, but what the hell!):

My compilation video of the Baroc bar’s open mic.


  1. I love your compilation, Brad. You’re right about the variety and quirkiness of the acts. What a shame this open mic is disappearing! I do hope something else just as wonderful and varied will soon emerge in another venue. Until then, thanks for capturing this little slice of the greatness that was the Baroc open mic.

    • Yes, and there was even more quirkiness in just the atmosphere elsewhere in the bar that I did not capture. I’ll have to try to do that a little on the last night – and especially in words.

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