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Hear us on the Radio now and Get to Ajamola tonight, at the Municipal Theater of Aubervilliers: Ajamola! of TAC Teatro

November 8, 2022

Ajamola at Espace Renaudie in Aubervilliers

Ajamola at Espace Renaudie in Aubervilliers

AUBERVILLIERS, France – Just a very quick word to say you must listen to this radio interview of some of the members of TAC Teatro – including me, and me playing my songs live – and you must also, if you see this post between now and 8PM tonight, get out to see the show Ajamola. We are putting on the show for the first time in a municipal theater, that of Aubervilliers called L’Espace Renaudie, just outside Paris. There is still time to book your presence, if you call up the TAC number at: 0614069223 This is a big beautiful theater, and the show will be great to experience in this different environment!

It is in this same theater that last night my film about Eugenio Barba was screened for the first time, and I will come back to that in the coming days on this blog. Now I have to prepare for Ajamola.

But have a listen to this radio show that was aired in Aubervilliers last Friday (and I have been too busy with the film and other things to get a post up before now!) Here are direct links to the show itself, without passing through the radio station:

The interview with TAC was 15 minutes long, and all in French, done by ‌Daniel Graisset at the AR.FM radio station:

After this he approached me while I was playing some songs at the TAC Teatro stand of this local Fête du Quartier, and I was making a mess of both songs – the first “Mad World,” the second “Borderline,” my on song, for which for the first time ever I forgot some lyrics!:

More to come about the incredible day of yesterday…


  1. And, of course, I’m quite interested to hear what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on that day . . . .

    • No time for anything but Frosties at breakfast, ready-made hot dog in a microwave at lunch and leftover, dried out, frozen salmon pasta at dinner!!!! A horrendous day of eating – but the attention was fixated elsewhere …!

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